Alexa Bliss 5 Star Superstar- WWE Mayhem

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any more dangerous, #AlexaBliss became captivated by The Fiend in 2020 and became his full-blown accomplice while paying multiple visits to The Firefly Fun House before she seemingly betrayed him at WrestleMania. Get her 5 star #Fiend version now available on Early Access!!

#WWE Mayhem is bigger & bolder than the rest, with fast-paced #mobile arcade action and over-the-top moves!

Play as #John Cena, #The Rock and ALL your favorite #WWE Legends and Superstars in this high-flying, in ring, 3arcade #action game. Take your WWE Superstars to the next level in weekly #WWE RAW and #SmackDown Live challenges!

Play through epic matches between WWE Legends and WWE Superstars to determine the greatest of all time, each with their own Signature Moves and Super Specials. #BringontheMayhem

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