Full WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Results

Watch who stood tall on tonight PPV, WWE Elimination Chamber 2021. Full Official Results for WWE Elimination Chamber when in a surprising entrance, The Miz cashes in his Money In The Bank Contract on Drew McIntyre to become in our NEW WWE Champion!
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✪ WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 has come to an end, but what an end! First of all, classic WWE Chamber matches tonight, we have seen how Daniel Bryan won the first one, but Roman Reigns who thought would be okay after retaining his WWE Universal Championship, Oh Oh! SPEAR Outta Nowhere from Edge to Roman Reigns, Edge has a spear to Roman and clear words, Roman Reigns will be facing Edge at Wrestlemania 37 for the WWE Universal Championship, on the Main Event at Night 2 and this…it’s confirmed!

But, we know right? Let’s talk about that CRAZY END! The Miz has joined The Hurt Business or what? Lashley just destroyed Drew McIntyre after a crazy WWE Elimination Chamber Match, and just then, The Miz came to cashes in his Money In The Bank contract to become our NEW WWE Champion!! Oooh lord! What do you think about this craziness? What will happen with Drew McIntyre looking forward to WWE Wrestlemania 37? Soon we will know but here, watch the Full WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Results, on Kalifax WWE!
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